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what are the hottest and trendiest mens sneakers out right now?


A. Boat shoes are pretty big right now. Almost all the kids in my school have a pair. They have the Vans ones. Terrible quality and they just rip. I have the real deal leather ones. :)

The biggest brand for teenagers is probably Vans.
For the sports guys, Nike Air Force 1's, and also Air Jordans made by nike.

what shoe would you want?
Q. if sum1 designed a new style of shoe..wat would u like?
wat colours and styles of sho would u want..that hasnt been made before
im jus wonderin

A. i as a teenager would want a shoe that a normal high school person could wear to school without standing out too much.I love pumps and wedges and im a big fan of platforms.But if i wore that to school people would think im crazy.Something any teenager could wear and have confidence yet still feel comfortable.Maybe a whole line of shoes.for different styles/colors based on the person.Mainly preps/trendies/and tomboys.I would get an inspiration from hollister,abercrombie,forever21,and charlotte russe.Put all those styles together.

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