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What is a good store to find Women size 12 shoes ( dressy and cute)?

Q. I need some shoes fast and i have no luck so far. so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. if you go to payless they hav lots that have big sizes and theyre all cute and trendy...plus affordable!

Women! Please help me out! ?
Q. If any women can answer this it would be GREATLY appreciated.. I am taking a survey (and need at least 50 responses) so please answer yes or no to the first two questions and enter a US price on the third one...

*thank you for those answering and if you'd like to post the link to one of your questions I will be glad to answer!

1. Have any of you ever left the house in high heel shoes, and by the end of the night were either barefoot or wearing flats, because your high heels hurt your feet so badly?
2. If you could buy high heels that were cute, trendy and in style, but, offered MAXIMUM comfort, to where your feet felt like they were on a baby's blanket, would you buy them?
3. What is the maximum price you would pay for well-made quality in style high heeled shoes that offered the most comfort you could possibly get?
To SmallFry: Yes I am trying to gather some information to show my potential investor so that I can manufacture this New Line of Gorgeous instyle heels that will be of MAXIMUM comfort, because like most of you I HATE ALL MY UNCOMFORTABLE HEELS! So Yes, I will keep you all informed! and thanks again for helping me out!

A. 1 yes
2 yes if cost was affordable
3 depends on how often I would wear them. Since I don't wear high heels often, I wouldn't spend any more than $40, no matter how comfy

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