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Could you make me an outfit please? (from River Island) I live in the UK?

Q. Im wanting a new style and I would like help from people on here, because whenever I try and make an outfit it seems to just not match or look boring.

So, this is the site:

Just find top,jeans,shoes,scarf,and accsessories and maybe a jacket and just put the links in order of top to bottom.

The style Im looking for is casual trendy, a bit indie and not too girly (I prefer jeans and flat shoes)

I know Its alot to ask, but it would be a big favour if you guys could pick out a few outfits for me and whoever makes the best outfit they will deffo get best answer!

So thanks in advance

A. top -
bottom -
shoes -
necklace -
bracelet -
earrings -

hope you like it! :)


Skinny jeans? white converse? grey cardi? black military boots? help me!

A. For a casual look, you could wear any color skinny jeans with it (except your standard blue jeans or white)-black, red, bright blue...
Also a bright colored cardigan would look good with it ($product$) kind of like the one where i just posted the link. It gives you more of a fun, trendy look.
I think colored clothes would look best with it because the top is already black and white, so any greys, whites or blacks will make you look dreary and boring and tired. The colors however will pop out nicely.
As for shoes, I think converse would look like best with it.

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