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Clothing Must Haves?

Q. I like to dress cute and cool yet trendy all at once, but not look too preppy because everyone in my school dresses like that, and i really don't want to.
What are some things that would be good for an unique yet still "teen" friendly style?
Like types of clothes\shoes (ex: white collared blouse, black ankle boots etc.)

I have a few things, like a lot of skinny jeans and graphic tees, along with leggings.
But any specific things?
Like maybe a collared boyfriend shirt?
Please help me!
Thanks a lot!

A. Visit websites like Forever 21, Piperline, EXPRESS, and see anything there you like? Try to mix & match. Like Black gray for instance can go with the following.
Any colors of the rainbow. Mix, match, combine them. My favorite is ANYTHING black & white (plaids, stripes, zebra, etc. . . ) and a touch of color. Pairing something hard to something soft. Ex: a leather jacket with something like cocktail dress, gives new meaning to any look. Boost deep burgundy with fiery red. Chartreuse adds an electric punch to cool blues.
Have you seen Jessica Parker wore white Blahnik shoes, pink pants & red top and this was AFTER Labor Day. Fashion is supposed to be fun, risky, daring, and gives you enough confidence.

Mix what you've got from last season to this season.

Any color pants, match them with the SAME COLOR pants, skirts, etc.

Do the funky colors, match them with the same funky color tops, etc.

Solids goes with mixing or matching the same solid color tops, etc.

Or do the opposite, mixing them with DIFFERENT colors.
Red jeans, red shirt. THEY MATCHED.


Blue jeans & red jeans. They're MIXED.

Or denim & denim anything.

Or polyester & polyester type of fabric.

OR denim with polyester something.

Wear a hat that matches with your jeans.

Socks that matches with your hat. Like in Piperline's or H&M's latest 2012 Fall Trend: Color clashing. Everything looking like Spring had sprung! Green jacket, yellow top, blue pants. Yellow skinny jeans, yellow dresses and yellow skirts. A lot of solids in bright colors!

Visit Marshall's for example: For $88: you could buy 2 skirts, jeans, 3 tops, a box of chocolates & a bag of cookies @ Marshall's.
They're stacking up for Back to School, now. The key is mix & match, buy your favorite colors, so you can easily match or mix whatever in your closet. They're 35% less, from Macy's or other department stores, because they've been rejected by Quality Controllers, but you as the consumer won't know what that is. I can afford Saks or Nordstrom's, but I'm also frugal, and that's one of my favorite stores to buy newer items, to mix with other stores bought @ Nordstrom's.
The idea is to mix & match.

I could go on a million more times, I just don't have the time.

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