Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

Where do you buy trendy juniors clothing for tall, athletic girls?

Q. Height is 5'11", Shoe size is 11, Weight is 140-145, Thighs are strong & muscular (hard to find skinny jeans). Inseam is 35 inches. Tiny waist.

Where might a teen go for clothing with this build?

A. I visited Forever 21 for the first time this past weekend; at the location I went to, they had a large sale room organized by small, medium, and large sizes (I'm sure you can find large sizes around the store as well). The large sizes were not plus sizes per se, but were made for a taller, larger built girl. Their clothes are very cute and inexpensive; good luck shopping! <3

Where can I buy these shoes?
Q. I really want a pair of the 5 finger shoes for women. The only place I can think of buying them would be off on online, but I hate buying anything that I haven't tried on and seen in person.

What stores sell them? Thanks.

A. You can get them at any warehouse shoe sale or foot action. I got mine at warehouse shoe sale there way cheap like $50.00 or less. They don't carry them at foot locker cause there not considered "trendy" just watch though they'll have them sooner or later.

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