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Help from trendy fashion women. meeting that goes to an evening event. Not black tie required.?

Q. Wearing a black dress red shoes with a black heel and small red bag with a black rose detail. What color hose??? I see all the stars wearing natural, I am old school and want to to look trendy. I always thought sheer black hose. Please send answers soon It is tomorrow nite

A. Sheer black hose with red shoes would not look good. I would definitely go with a more natural color.

Is this too formal, trendy or just whatever for eighth grade promotion?
I want this dress but i think its too...high school prom dance sort instead of just eighth grade promotion. what do you think?? and also, my dress code is just ' not too formal, something you would wear to eat a nice dinner or church' well for nice dinner and church, i can wear jeans and like a shirt!! so i think the dress code is way to vague so idk what to wear!! please tell if the dress above at forever 21 is fine, or give me like...examples of what to wear. :) thank you so much!!

A. This is a really cute dress! You have great taste. Another option, though, is a sweet summer dress. This will give you the right POP, and its a deffinite attention grabber. Also, you can re-wear this practically anywhere.

If you swap the belt thats already on it, with this one below, it will give you the right amount of sophistication needed for a grade 8 promotion. (Belt is from American Eagle)

And of course an outfit wouldn't be complete without the right shoes. These will bring out and match the pink in the dress above.

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