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Going to a club on a friday night, what does dressy casual mean?

Q. are there some photos i can look at? what are some clothing examples for men and women?

A. You don't need to dress in formalwear.

Dressy casual for women can mean: jeans and a nice trendy/dressy top, and heels. (Definitely, no flip-flops, hehe)

For men: jeans and a nice shirt, loafers or some kind of cool shoes (probably not sneakers)

Which of these two shoes would look better for dressy casual style?
Q. I am having trouble deciding between these two pairs of dr martens. I have been trying to get a more mature, yet still young style and I am having trouble deciding between these two pairs. Which do you think I could pull of with a pair of Dockers and a casual button front shirt more easily? I am a grad. student in social work. Second, which has more all around ability? I am a grad student, so I can't afford to have both, even though I wish so. I want to look good, too. I want to look my age style wise, being a 24yr old man, so I am trying really hard, just needing others' opinions?

1st----- http://journeys.com/catalog_detail.aspx?ID=68734

2nd---- http://journeys.com/catalog_detail.aspx?ID=21836

A. I vote for the 2nd one. I think the 1st one might be too trendy. But really you should be good either way.

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