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What are fashionable, stylish shoes for wide feet?

Q. I have wide feet and i hate them! i can never wear those trendy and stylish sandals that are always being sold because my feet explode out of them horizontally!

what are some ways to minimize the look of my feet, and also what are some shoe styles that dont enlargen the look of my feet? any tips, sugguestions?

A. Don't wear very high heels. Don't wear those awful pointy toe things which are all the fashion these days.

Wear a medium to low heeled shoe that has a rounded toe. Make absolutely sure you get the correct size for your foot.

Don't wear flats a lot because they make large feet look something like those flippers divers wear and the person tends to waddle a bit. Most unflattering to say the least.

Question for TALL People!?
Q. I am 14 yaers old.
I am 6 feet tall.
I wear a size 13 in women.
And It is really hard to find shoes and cloths! Does anyone know were I can find some cute shoes in large sizes and cute pants in long sizes.

I perfer walk in stores but online shopping is okay.

I tried Zappo's, Gap, Nordstorm.

Thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I don't want old lady shoes LOL!

A. Tall Clothing Mall is where I get all of my tall clothing.
They also have a great link for trendy shoes for larger feet.
You will love this site!

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