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Need help buying birthday present for a girl?

Q. a girl in my class invited me to her birthday party, she's turning 18. I barely know her that well, but she wants me to come. What should i buy her? Please give me some good gift ideas, not too expensive and not too boring or common, i want something that's unique and not used a lot. Thanks.
thx for all the answers guys but i need something better. Not gift cards or vouchers or coupons or w/e, firstly because i think those r too common, 2nd i don't know where to buy gift cards or vouchers for any clothing stores. Plus, i don't even know what store she likes to shop at, i don't FULLY know her at all.........i like the idea of making a bracelet but not sure how to approach that, i haven't done that be4 and don't know where to get the help from a professional......any other suggestions?

A. Try http://www.gifts.com/personality/search/2mohFr14aicp.

Teenage girls are probably one of the most difficult species to please. To make your shopping a little easier, read the suggestions below for a gift that's sure to go over well.

Books: A book is a really personal gift, and for a girl who loves them, it's sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Clothes:Clothes are a great gift because a teenage girl can never have too many, and they're always useful and appreciated. You just have to be careful to choose something that she'll like, which is a tall order. Stay away from skirts, jeans, or tops, or anything too trendy. You can go wrong with those way too easily. Also, be careful about what brand you choose when you buy something with a logo on it. Teenagers are extremely brand-concious so if you get something that's not 'cool', she'll never wear it.

A couple of tips:

1. Stick with hoodies, but stay away from anything that has a cutesy saying or logo. You might think monkeys are cute, but chances are, she'll be embarassed to wear it.

2. Discount stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshall's sometimes have t-shirts and thermals from stores like Abercrombie for a fraction of the cost. Use your own judgement.

3. Pajama pants are guaranteed to be loved, especially if they're soft and warm, or if they have a funky stripe. Don't buy sets. Instead, you can get a coordinating cami. Victoria's Secret and Old Navy are good places to find these.
# Pretty much any item from Hollister or Abercrombie will go over well, but I wouldn't buy any of the t-shirts that have sayings on them unless you read them closely: some of them are pretty inappropriate. Logo stuff from these stores is great because both brands are super popular.

# Be careful ordering from stores like Hollister or Abercrombie because their clothes have a very slim fit. Sometimes, it's best to get a size up.

# In tween stores like Aeropostale, be careful what you buy. A lot of their items are geared toward very young teenagers, and an older girl won't wear them.

Shoes:Women of any age love shoes, it's just a given.

Accessories: Hats and Scarves: I know this is a holiday staple, but really, how much of this stuff can a teen get? I would stay away from hats altogether because they're too hard to get right, and definitely don't get a matching hat and scarf set -that's just too overdone, you can do better. If you're going to buy a scarf, get one that's super long and a basic color so that's it goes with everything. Better yet, knit one yourself or show her how.

Mittensand Gloves: Don't get these either. This is such a basic thing that she's sure to already have a pair, or it's something her parents would get her anyway. And don't buy expensive leather gloves; they might be nice, but they'll just get lost.

Jewelry: This will definitely go over well, but be careful what you choose. Don't buy anything expensive, and try not to buy anything tacky. Don't go to Claire's unless you're shopping for a younger teen (like 13 or 14) -the stuff there is cheap, but a lot of it is tacky. Try places like Forever21, Charlotte Russe, and H&M for trendy, cheap stuff; they have all the latest and they cater to an older crowd, so you can't go wrong. Look for long, dangly earrings with lots of beads, chunky rings, and delicate necklaces. Urban Outfitters has great necklaces, by the way. Oh, and don't buy charms or charm bracelets unless she's absolutely crazy about them.

Bags: A bag is a great choice! You can get something cheap and trendy at stores like OldNavy and H&M -although you have to be careful with the latter because a lot of their bags are too plain and end up looking cheap in the bad way.


A magazine subscription is a great gift, and a year's worth will cost you between $8 and $12 -small price to pay when it means you'll be remembered every time she gets it.

Magazines.com has a lot of titles. Seventeen, CosmoGirl, and Teen Vogue are great, but you can also choose something from the adult selections that's geared to her interests -writing, photography, etc. If you have the time, stop by a bookstore like Barnes & Noble and browse the magazine section. That way, you'll know exactly what you're ordering and whether it contains anything inappropriate for her age group.

Beauty Stuff: Teenagers love makeup, that's a fact of life. It's a great gift because it's something she'll use, something she'll love to carry around and show off, and it gives her something new to play with. If she's not old enough for makeup yet, she'll be thrilled to get anything that resembles it. Scented lotions are great, and so are body sprays.

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion, Body Splash, Shower Gel, etc ($8-10) A bunch of scents to choose from, and here, I graciously allow you to match.

Scented candles are also awesome, especially the ones that come in cool pots.

Face masks are fun, and you can get a few cheaply at a drugstore -think mud masks and apricot scrubs.

Lip gloss will definitely go over well. You can get a bunch at a drugstore, or buy a few sheer ones from well-known brands like Lancome or Dior which will make her feel all grown up and glamorous.

Arts & Crafts: Teenagers tend to love being creative. At this age, they're trying to find a mode of expression if they're artistically inclined, or they just love making things they can wear.

Stop by a store like Michael's if you have the time, and browse. They also have a website, Michaels.com, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know what you're looking for. There are a lot of kits and books available that would make great gifts. Buy a knitting book and some yarn, or a jewelry-making set. Pick something that she would want to wear, nothing dorky or tacky looking. Stay away from anything geared toward kids because it won't be challenging enough.

As an example:
For around $40, you can pick up tools, a scrapbook or an album, and stuff to decorate it with. You can then spend a couple of hours looking through family photos and making the scrapbook together.

If she's into photography, you can pick up a disposable camera at a drugstore and tell her you'll be happy to get the photos developed for her. Or include a set of instructions for something fun she can do with it: tell her she has to take the first picture and then pass it around, so that the photos are a surprise.

If she's into drawing or painting, I recommend going to a store that specializes in art supplies. You can get her a nice sketchbook for around $5-20, depending on the size. It's a great idea to get her a set of high-quality colored pencils or pastels. I particularly like these two:

Gift Cards

When you're out of ideas, this is the obvious choice, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they're not personal. Choose a store you know she'll love to shop in. Be careful to choose a store that's in her area because she may not be able to shop online.

If she's into music and downloads online, get her a giftcard to iTunes so she can download the music she likes without you agonizing over which cd to buy.

If she likes the movies, get her a gift certificate so she can take a friend to the movies (you can buy one here for example, or at the actual movie theatre).

Another option is a gift certificate for one of her favorite restaurants so she can treat herself or go with a friend.

Time is free: spend it!

If you're a family member, the best thing you can give is your time. Teenage girls can be hard to pin down once they reach that angsty age, so it's important to stay connected. Plan a day together as your gift, but don't overdo it -anything over a couple of hours can sometimes cause more tension than enjoyment.

If you want to include time with your gift, here's a couple of ideas...

Take her for a mini shopping spree. Yes, it's painful, but if you relax, you'll have fun. Give her a limit to play with and tell her she can buy anything she wants with that money. If you were planning to buy her a bunch of new clothes anyway, give her a higher limit, with the stipulation that she can't spend more than x amount on things that aren't clothes. Let her choose and at least pretend to shop for yourself too so you can ask her for advice.

Take her out for dinner or icecream at any place she chooses. Then stop by a video store and let her pick what she wants the two of you to watch.

Plan a beauty afternoon. Get manicures together at a salon, or give each other masks at home. Get out all your makeup and play around. Do your hair. Take lots of pictures!

Let her have a small party. Give her a budget and let her decorate, and choose a few movies to watch. Help her make snacks out of whatever you have in the kitchen. Prepare together and then step back and let her enjoy. She'll definitely thank you for this one.
Pick a day and tell her she can choose whatever activities she wants for you to do together.

The key is to give her lots of choice, and have fun. Let her lead the way, and she'll want to spend more time with you in the future.


That's it! I hope it helps!

Why are Bratz dolls so popular?
Q. In my oh so humble opinion they are creepy and would have given me nightmares when I was a small child.

I also think that they are horribly unattractive and far too provocativly dressed for children to play with.

What's wrong with Barbie?

A. Good question, and I heartily agree!

Barbie(TM) was first manufactured in the 1950s and was the epitome of the developed, stylish woman: chic, blonde, twig-like (except in those places where she had great curves), and was pretty novel for the time. Girls have always loved dolls, and Barbie was pretty convenient: she came with a WIDE wardrobe, shuffled several occupations at once (teacher, doctor, astronaut, political party canidate, the list goes on). At the time, Barbie was like the Beanie Babies and Frisbees of the 90s: one hot commodity to have. She was convenient to dress and play with and was made of plastic instead of porcelein, which came into popularity after WWII after rations ended. She didn't break easily then, even in the small hands of her little friends.

Basically, Barbie grew up in the time period our mothers grew up in, and is an iconic figure of that era. Children nowadays no longer are big fans of Barbie's old-fashioned beauty idealics (if you haven't noticed the tween market is getting more...promiscuous). Now, the ideal toy is something trendy and hip...you know, mini-skirts instead of poodle skirts, platform shoes instead of high heels, suede and jeans jackets instead of ruffled blouses...

So if you can imagine now, children are looking at different beauty standards in this generation. Beyonce, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne are all examples of accepted appearance whereas Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, and Marilyn Monroe were the beauty icons of the 50s/60s.

Now, back to the Bratz dolls.

Bratz have full, sensuous lips, easy-to-change wardrobe outfits which are much more up-to-date than Barbie's, big eyes, and are multicultural. They come with trendier jewelry and with accompanying male dolls that are updated to absorb this generation's standard of the "hot tough guy" (pardon my ridiculousness, it's the best I can explain it). The multicultural factor is pretty important; we're looking at more diversified market now than before, where the consumer was averagely the middle-class Caucasian-American in the 50s.

Basically, it boils down to the trends of this era as compared to the last, and the acceptance of certain beauty standards through generations. Barbie is considered an "old" toy (pshaw, although I will never think so!! YAY BARBIE!), and Bratz (the name itself is trendy, especially with that lame z....). I mean, would you want to be buying a trusty Toyota from your mom's era or a sleek Porsche from yours?

Stupid kids. Go back to Barbie.

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