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Spring trends for 2011? Need SERIOUS fashion help!?

Q. Hey y'all.

So basically, I'm a sweat pants and sweat shirt type of gal. I kind of fell into the winter blues this year, which naturally meant me slumming it out at school in messy sweats every day. I don't think there's anything wrong with sweats (at all) but when it becomes an everyday thing (and when I'm even wearing stained ones) it kind of becomes problematic. I also gained a little bit of weight this winter which also makes me want to hide away in sweats (for lack of a less dramatic term).

It's starting to warm up a little bit again and I'm really wanting to look cute for the 2011 spring and summer! I'm saving up a little bit from my job so I can afford a little bit more because I am in SERIOUS need of new clothes; most of mine are ripped, stained, stretched, or just way to old and worn out. I have enough to pretty much buy the spring essentials, but I was just wondering about you would recommend me to buy for this new year.

Please provide really detailed examples and if you'd like to (I'd love you for it), post links of things you think are cute or that I should add to my closet. I'm basically fashion challenged so post anything you think is cute AND COMFORTABLE. :) Comfort is key for me!
And listen ... any input is greatly appreciated ... anything at all!!

Thanks so much in advance!
Sorry for the grammar mistakes ... I just noticed a bunch of them. Oops!

and THANKS so much for the answers so far.

A. First off, stock up on tons of basics. It's different for every girl, but they should just be pieces that you wear A LOT (jeans, shirts, etc.) and that fit your personal style the best. They should also be pieces that you can wear throughout the seasons, winter, spring, summer. Since you're going to be wearing these a lot, splurge more on basics. The more basics you have, the more options. For example, some of my basics are:

White oxfords or button downs
Tights in tons of patterns and colors
Slouchy cardigans
A pair of HIGH heels
Tons of vintage jewelry
A-line skirts (I'm short and petite)
A leather handbag

This way, you won't need to purchase a completely new wardrobe. Just mix in the basics you have with your trendier and warmer pieces. Since it's spring, instead of completely renovating my wardrobe, I only need to buy several things like linen shorts, floral dresses, etc. In the long term, it will save you a LOT of money. And when Fall comes around use the same basics to match with newer purchases.

That's why it's best to spend more money on things you wear a lot. I always buy trendier pieces at cheap stores like Forever 21 because they have SO many styles and whatnot at good prices.e As for my basics, I get them high-end at places like Comme des Garcons, Opening Ceremony, or Barneys. It can be expensive but since they have amazing sales on good basic items, I don't need to buy too many things. As for shoes, I always splurge on these. After all, you're going to be walking around in them all day. Instead of concentrating on quantity, focus on QUALITY. My basics have lasted me for years since I get them cleaned seasonally. Take care of your clothes and they take care of you.

Hope I helped!

Updating my closet? Help on becoming more trendy or stylish?
Q. I want to update my closet with clothes or accessories that i can add to my causal style
this isn't me in the picture but this is basically what i wear... need help i don't want to reinvent my whole style i just want it too look more trendy :)


A. You seem to have a nice base but one thing your missing of course is...ACCESORIES!! Try mixing some colors in. Take a look at some necklaces at say aldo. A nice splash of color is always nice. If you stick with neutrals, add a red shoe or maybe a yellow handbag. It really adds something to your outfit without being too over the top. In the fall/winter a trench coat and some leather boots with a bit of a heel can look really nice for when your out and about or even just casually. Another staple is a black dress. Something that fights nicely around top and the bottom should reach just above your knee. Paired with a nice necklace, a bright bag and some jewelry can, if done right, look really put together and still be fresh.

Another day look is, wearing the skinnys like in the picture, pair with a white t-shirt and black fitted vest. Looks very hip and trendy. Look around in some magazines for some looks for ideas. Never know what you might find

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