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First time buying Nike/Converse? Help me out?

Q. So my mom says I need new sneakers, and I was thinking these for athletics:|1&categoryId=cat10005
i'm not so sure though. i want something white but w/ some colors so they'll go with anything and still look cute.

and then Converse for casual stuff, but I'm not sure about sizing.
i wear a 7 1/2 or 8 (not converse size), and converse carries mens sizes or somehing?
do hi tops make your feet look smaller than low? and since this is my first time getting them, should i get a trendy style like double tongue or something simple in black or gray? chuck taylors btw.

thanks for the help =]]

A. A great selection of Nike shoes here, with sizing charts, on sale, etc:

Good luck!

whats the best sport shoes to buy which looks chic and trendy?
Q. I want to buy shoes which are sporty, which I can wear to university as well as use for road trips etc. So it shouldnt be too sporty and heavy like sport gear but i dont want something non durable as well. Suggestions with links would be helpful thanks a ton
ya i was thinking more on the lines of nikes, or adidas or Reebok
which are better? plimsolls or converses?
i know these look a little odd...but i was thinking of something like this..something non traditional but something i can use for running also maybe

A. i say NIKE sport shoes(:
i mean they have runner shoes; or any type of sports your doing.
and if your looking for trendy one; nikes have different kinds of styles and colors for women.

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